ART offers mobile veterinary laser therapy across the Fylde, advancing veterinary medicine and rehabilitation to offer equine patients a multi-modal approach to optimise recovery time.

What are the benefits?

The physiological responses to laser enable optimum repair in acute injuries and its stimulation of the body’s repair processes can reinvigorate healing in chronic cases and conditions.

Three key effects have been identified:

1. Healing growth factor response through improving cell permeability and calcium up take
2. Pain relief through release of hormones serotonin and endorphin
3. Immune system support by increasing lymph activity and flow

Most common conditions for treatment in small animals

Acute and Chronic injury
Wound healing
Lick granuloma
Torn muscle
Cruciate Ligament Injury
Arthritic joints
Spinal spondylosis
Gingivitis & Otitis
Intervertebral Disc disease
Hip & Elbow dysplasia
Luxation of Patella
Feline Asthma
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Degenerative Joint Conditions
Surgical Incisions
Nasal Congestion
Skin Allergies

Laser Therapy for your beloved pet

Laser therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way to treat a variety of medical conditions. It is a fast and effective way to ease pain and improve mobility, by removing or reducing the need for medication and surgery.

When do I book a treatment?

1. Post surgery, when you wish to optimise recovery and speed up rehabilitation
2. As a holistic complementary treatment for pain management, alongside veterinary attention, which may reduce dependency on medication.
3. When you wish to look at non-invasive treatment as an alternative to traditional pain medication

What next?


If you think laser therapy may be able to help your pet, please arrange an appointment with your veterinary surgeon. Ask them to give you a referral form for ART and we will take it from there.

How do I book a therapy treatment?

Any complementary therapy requires a veterinary referral form to be completed by your veterinary surgeon or member of the vets team. Download a referral sheet, email for a copy to be sent over, or ring to have a paper copy sent out in the post.