Pricing & Insurance

Equine – £40​.00

Stable visits offering laser treatments and Sports massage:​

 Arthritis, laminitis, gastric ulcers, mud fever, back pain, tendon and ligament injury, kissing spine, wound healing, post dental surgery,  splint fracture.​

Sports massage to ensure your horse is in optimum condition, free from muscle tension and improving range of motion while improving performance. Beneficial for all horses including competition horses, pleasure and retired equines. ​

Canine – £30​.00

Non invasive light therapy, no need to clip or sedate. Offered in vet clinics or mobile home service available ​

Treats: wounds, torn muscle, skin irritation, cruciate ligaments, dysplasia, arthritis, spinal​

In house laser prices ​

0-20 minutes – £20​.00

20-40 minutes – £30 .00

Please check your insurance policy carefully before treatment. Most pet insurance now cover laser therapy, even on basic packages. It may be under complementary therapy, laser therapy or physiotherapy. ​

Animal Recovery Therapy work to the highest standards in animal therapy and are members of the international association of animal therapists. Which ensures professional standards of therapist ensuring gold standard care to patients. ART adheres to the veterinary surgeons act and aims to work in a multi-modal team with vet, therapist and owner to achieve the best results for your pet.  ​