Animal Recovery Therapy

Specialists in recovery from injury for your beloved pet, with Laser and Massage Therapy.

ART offers mobile veterinary laser therapy across the Fylde, advancing veterinary medicine and rehabilitation to offer equine patients a multi-modal approach to optimise recovery time.

Ruby Kowalski – Veterinary rehabilitation therapist

Ruby’s love of animals started at a young age, with her first dog a rescue bearded collie and a passion for horse riding. Animal interests grew into a passion for helping pets with injury and illness to live a happy and pain free life. This determination lead to Ruby training in animal therapies to enable her to help animals in the form of rehabilitation.


Equine sports massage

Level 4 canine hydrotherapist

Animal laser therapist – Equine, canine and feline

Ruby ensures the best treatment for patients by following the veterinary surgeons act, this helps to protect patients whilst encouraging owner, therapist and vet to work as a multi modal team and achieve the best results for your pet.

Member of IAAT association enables ART patients to receive the best animal therapy with therapist working under a professional code of conduct and undertaking continual professional development therefore keeping up to date with the newest veterinary techniques.

As ART operates under an association clients get the benefit of knowing treatments are recognised by insurance companies and other veterinary professionals. Laser therapy is an ever expanding veterinary after care service that is becoming increasingly popular.


What is Laser Therapy?

Laser uses LED visible and invisible infrared light which penetrates wounds, soft tissue and joints. Laser is non invasive, pain free treatment which requires no clipping or sedation and is an excellent way to control pain management & improve the healing process.

Ruby Kowalski

Fully qualified and insured Equine Therapist.   Veterinary Laser Therapist (Equine, Canine and Feline) 

Level 4 Small Animal and Canine Hydrotherapist.   Member of IAAT – The International Association of Animal

Therapists, offering sports massage and rehabilitation treatments in Preston, Cumbria, Blackpool and Fylde area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I watch?

Absolutely. We like you to participate, to reassure your pet. It also gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your pet better, to optimise treatment plans.

Q: Can I just come along for sessions?

We need to have a signed veterinary referral. This allows us to provide therapy that is appropriate for your pet. It allows us to collaborate on any necessary changes during treatment to make therapy more effective. Your vet needs to be aware of your pets ongoing care with ART.

Q: Does my pet insurance cover therapy?

If referred by your vet, the vast majority of policies will cover a substantial amount for complementary therapy but you would need to check your individual policy for details.     You will find this under complementary therapies, physiotherapy or alternative.

Q: How long does a session take?

Initial assessment – 60 minutes including gait analysis, medical assessment and discussion of further treatment plan.

Follow on consultations – 30 minutes.

Q: How long before results are felt?

Your pet may feel improvements in their condition after first treatment. Sometimes they may not improve immediately. This does not mean nothing is happening. Each session is cumulative and results are often felt after 3-4 sessions.

Animal Recovery Therapy