Animal Recovery Therapy


Laser uses LED and infrared light which penetrates wounds, soft tissue and joints.

Laser is non-invasive, pain free treatment which requires no sedation or clipping of fur and is an excellent way to control pain management and increase the healing process. 

* Non-invasive 
* Pain free 
* Drug free 
* No need to clip fur 
* Quick and easy 
* Animal- user friendly

The physiological responses to laser enable optimum repair in acute injuries and its stimulation of the body’s repair processes can reinvigorate healing in chronic cases and conditions. 

What to Expect

Before treatment begins please ask your vet to sign and complete a veterinary referral form. This enables your therapist to gain information like past medical history to help create an individual treatment plan tailored for your pet. Your animal will receive the highest quality of care throughout treatment and with the vet, owner and therapist working together we can achieve the best results for your dog.

An initial assessment will be carried out on your first visit, gaining understanding into your pets lifestyle and behaviour. A treatment plan with achievable outcomes will be devised and approved by your vet.

Laser therapy takes place in a quiet private area within your vets practise. Owners are encouraged to be present during laser therapy to help reward their pet.

Please ensure your dog or cat is dry before therapy begins.

Most insurance policy’s cover laser therapy, please check carefully with your provider prior to therapy commencing.

Animal Recovery Therapy